1952 Paris built Normale RSJ 834

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      Hi Mick
      I know you read them… sorry that was not meant to be at you, more the fact form the recent Presidents dig at the Forum 😉

      Just out of interest – are there any Official Traction Gurus that are named as that for the Club. i.e. Technical Officer or such. I know many talk about two people in particular but do they contribute their expertise to the club and in what manner.



        Various pleople have been in the “role” including Den Hewitt, Roger Williams, Johnathon Howard, Mick Holmes/Steve Reed (Traction helpline) and even John Gillard. The have been both official and unofficial.
        Den was the last incumbent of the “post” and emails to toctech@traction-owners.co.uk used to be sent to Den, however on instructions of the committee, they are now forwarded to the Webmaster.

        Obviously there are others who contribute technical information that can be found here: http://traction-owners.co.uk/members_only/torque.shtml

        Personally, I see the Forum as being the font of all shared Knowledge and it has been noticeable that the number of members who have subscribed to the forum continue to grow:

        Total posts 3279 • Total topics 421 • Total members 182

        ….of course the “how do I do that” questions and answers is complemented by the technical Library (which is always seeking new material, Hint, Hint!)


          Do you know what this is? My newish sender does not have this so I assume the gauge will not be stable. By the way I found this in the bottom of my tank.


            It’s part of the original sender unit to stop fluctuations.

            However my car is 12v now and the fuel gauge is steady with a new sender unit and as it’s hidden in the tank no one would know the float part you found was missing 🙂


              What a joke this forum has become. It seems those in charge have managed to kill off the only part of the club that actually helped members. No point posting about the car as no one will see it. I will be going to the next meeting to find out why they dislike free speech and why parts from the club are actually more expensive than those found outside. I thought the idea of a club was to provide cheaper spares?


                I Agree but as my posts have to be approved and the past three posts have not been posted. This forum is finished and can never be resuscitated.
                Very Very Sad
                Regards David Selfridge
                Here’s hoping approval


                  Sad but I think True


                    @David Selfridge wrote:

                    This forum is finished and can never be resuscitated.

                    Agreed. Used to be the best English language forum for Tractions, now it’s as good as dead. I’m doing so much work on my machine, but can’t be bothered to reduce the picture sizes in Photoshop to post them on here, as nobody will see them. What a waste of time that will be.
                    Still, look on the bright side. The Honourable Pres. and his muckers will be pleased, they’ve killed off the forum in short order!


                      For what it’s worth, I still check the forum so at least one person will see your posts.

                      Still, I’ve seen forums die before and this one is looking that way. I’d really rather see this one survive, but are there any other options? Is there any likelihood of the club executive turning this into a useful and enjoyable online community?

                      If all else fails and people are looking for a temporary home, I’m an admin on another forum that is happy to host orphans. I’m absolutely NOT trying to take anything away from a healthy TOC forum, but there have been some excellent people posting here and I’d really hate to see that all disappear since, as I’ve said, I get almost nothing out of the in-country content.


                        I am pleased and feeling more assured than last week regarding the life and sole of this very (in the past) good forum.
                        So see people trying to rectify the mistakes of others and prepared to give up their time and effort to save this forum should not be overlooked even at this late at stage.
                        Would it not be possible with the help of the people left who are still friendly with, and in contact with, those good and faithful forum past members.
                        The Officers and Committee members of this club in my option, should forget the past and try with us to bring this forum back to something like it was in the past.
                        It is not often you can save a life when death is eminent.

                        Here’s Hoping This Gets Posted.

                        Kind Regards
                        Davy Selfridge


                          I was told in a phone call that they wanted the forum dead and looks like they have done what they wanted. No wonder the club gets a aging membership. Still they have their exclusive little jolly in Peasmarsh to look forward to this week. Shame the membership in general will be excluded whilst the usual suspects get their fun. No one ever answered why a club of over 600 members went ahead with a venue and series of events that catered for less than 10% of us. They then came up with a Sunday only morsel thrown at us as a aside. Priced at a level many thought was expensive. We have a leadership who have over the years become complacent with their members and think they are doing us all a big favour by running the club. Anyone fancy coming to the next committee meeting and putting our points forward?

                        Viewing 11 posts - 181 through 191 (of 191 total)
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