1953 Slough Light 15, 802 XUD

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      Perfect, thank you Ian. May even put some heavy duty casters on so I can move it around!


        Interesting use of ‘spacers’ on the cooling fan. They’ve used some gash nuts to work as spacers. Are there supposed to be spacers, or is the fan supposed to be flush onto the pulley?
        Only three bolts were used to secure the fan, no ‘witness marks’ to indicate that a fourth bolt was ever used. Makes you wonder about the rest of the previous engine overhaul.[attachment=0:mm02i2x5]802XUD_Lo_Res19.jpg[/attachment:mm02i2x5]
        Still we’re heading in the right direction. New door cills and wing ends on order. Mark the welder (thank you John G. for the referral) will come over next week to deliver what will no doubt be an expensive verdict.





            Spacers (part 453128 on the diagram for the post September 1950 water pump) are often lost so I used flat washers, a bit fiddly to get them on though…..

            Picture may be a bit clearer than the one Den linked to




                Den and Dave,

                Perfect thank you. Pdf opened ok, and I was able to print it out. Seems all the parts are available with the exception of the spacers. I think I can find something/make something up that’s a bit more elegant than the gash nuts that were used!


                  This probably sounds like an incredibly dumb question, but I’m struggling to seperate the joints between the control arms and the tower.
                  10mm nuts came off easily enough. Thought the arms would just drop away with gentle jiggling. No way, tried all sorts of things (even a bit of tap tap with a copper hammer), but they resolutely refuse to budge. Don’t want to damage anything, so thought it best to ask….[attachment=0:4nebwevr]802XUD_Lo_Res20.jpg[/attachment:4nebwevr]




                      Thanks for the advice Den, don’t have a puller small enough.
                      Fabricated a tool of sorts, applied some heat and they relented!
                      The ball and socket joints are well worn. It will probably be best to replace them….
                      thanks again.


                        Got the engine out (yes I know progress is slow, but there’s a lot of other things going on). Will give it a good clean, then store it away whilst we work on front drive, body etc.[attachment=1:36z4rpjy]802XUD_Lo_Res22.jpg[/attachment:36z4rpjy]
                        Shock, horror, can you spot the 10mm spanner nestling in by the CV joint? God knows how long it was there and indeed how it stayed there…..[attachment=0:36z4rpjy]802XUD_Lo_Res21.jpg[/attachment:36z4rpjy]


                          It is easy to lose tools in a Traction. That is why I check my toolbox after each session to make sure everything goes back.

                          Keep it up though, looking good.

                          I start on putting mine back together this week. Got all the parts delivered while on my last week at work this year 😀


                            Hi Ian,

                            Thanks for your encouragement, it does help to keep this project alive.

                            God knows how much the engine and gearbox weigh, but it simply flattened my trolley. I’m now making a nuclear proof trolley with 7 hospital bed castors….

                            Many years ago in a previous life, I used to work in the aero industry. We NEVER scribed our names on our expensive tools for that very reason. I think the industry is now much better organised than it was in those days!



                              @NormanAnderson wrote:

                              Hi Ian,

                              We NEVER scribed our names on our expensive tools for that very reason. I think the industry is now much better organised than it was in those days!


                              Not so sure…a friend who works for a Canadian airline said the maintenance team found a spanner in a wing section when they were doing an overhaul. They re-billed Boeing for the fuel costs due to the extra weight…and they paid!


                                Sorry folks, but here’s another dumb question.
                                The clutch operating shaft seems to be a very loose fit in the housing. At first I thought the bushings must be shot. Then I found this screw with a locking nut. It was completely loose. Is it some kind of adjustment? If so, how do I set it up correctly?


                                  It is to adjust the thrust bearing mechanism. It pushes against the shaft so assuming it adjusts the play in the clutch pedal.

                                  I have undone mine all the way and then screwed it in so it meets the shaft. Once my gearbox is back in I will readjust along with the clutch cable.

                                  Here is a picture of it on the inside (handy I have mine on the bench at the moment)


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