1953 Slough Light 15, 802 XUD

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      Looking good and they line up nicely.


        Seats and door panels dropped off for re-covering today with Brian Cates in Bournemouth. Tick tock. We progress!

        Now working on the window winder mechanisms (what a mess they are) with the help of John Orborne’s excellent article in Floating Power.


          One bonnet half didn’t look to good. Stuck it in the boot of the Honda Jazz so I could take it for paint stripping and priming yesterday afternoon.
          M11 was blocked. Never mind, mission aborted and came home.
          Son gets in Jazz this morning to write an exam. Asks what’s in the boot. Tell him to take it out and leave by the Audi, as I need to take it to get stripped and primed.
          Son does so.
          Wife gets in Audi to go to gym whilst I’m in shower.
          You guessed right, wife drives over bonnet. 😥


            Norman, Sorry to hear about your sad sequence of events it makes you wonder how a blocked road can cause such bad luck.
            You have my sympathy and hope for a better day to come, let me know the outcome.

            So Sorry, Davy


              John Gillard and son Ed came by yesterday.
              Cradle is in. Overhauled front suspension, brakes and modified drive shafts are in. All looking good.
              Once I’ve got the steering rack installed, I’ll drop it onto it’s wheels and trailer it down to London to have the new headlining fitted.
              Seats and door panels being completed by Brian Cates in Bournemouth.
              Decided to split the engine and gearbox to check the clutch.
              At the same time, will get the head modified so that we can run on unleaded. DS pistons to go in, so the compression will go up. Need to keep up with those lorries on the motorway!


                In your posts you refer to Mark who has done your bodywork. I will be in need of some work on my Light 15 and as I live near Peterborough could you let me have a contact address as I will probably be going to Peterborough this week.
                Thanks in advance, Grahame


                  Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. This forum is as good as dead and buried, which is a great shame.
                  Mark Geary 07709428195. Excellent, but very busy doing those wretched H Van conversions!


                    Contacted Mark and will try and meet up with him on Friday
                    Interesting amount of work you are doing but some photos would add to the interest.
                    It will be a shame if forum members do not continue with their projects because I feel that it encourages other to attempt work they would otherwise shy away from but here they can seek advice from others who may have done similar work.


                      Hi Grahame, couldn’t agree more with you. But can we really be bothered to run each and every image through Photoshop to reduce the file size (this forum won’t ‘crunch’ images), when hardly anyone will see them?
                      This used to be one of the best Traction English language forums out there. Now that they’ve chased away several key posters, there’s just tumbleweed blowing through here!
                      Good luck with Mark, I agree with Larry when I say that he’s an absolute genius!


                        I gotta talk Mark into coming to Canada and replace the front floor in the BL. He’s the just the guy to do it.


                          Sorry Larry, Mark is needed right here in the UK, don’t even think of poaching him! 😆


                            I have just purchased a Slough 1938 Light 12 in fairly good condition. I intend to carry out light restoration on this car, new leather and foam on seating, door cards, carpets and Respray unless a good offer buyer appears quite quickly. Would appreciate if any member could give me a ballpark figure for the before mentioned works.
                            I would would prefer to keep the Light 12 as the last (since deceased ) owner carried out a lot of work on the engine, gearbox and cylinder head.
                            I don’t intend keeping both as would require extending my garage/workshop so if any one knows of a cash buyer requiring a very clean Slough 15 or Slough 12 please contact me for photographs on the forum and I will give email same.
                            It will be 4 weeks before I get the Light 12 then after that I will advertise on the Internet.

                            Davy Selfridge

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