1955 Traction 11B "Barn Find" Project

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      Last June my neighbour asked me if I could help him move his old car from his cousin’s barn as his cousin was selling the house and he needed to be rid of this car that had beefed parked there in 1972. I took a ride to have a look. He had seen me working on my little AZU so thought I could do anything 😀

      On Blocks and Covered

      All up on blocks, he did have the wheels but no nuts. I didn’t know anything about Tractions and this was enormous compared to what I was used to.

      Inside was clean but smelly – some nice after market tartan door cards proudly installed in 1969 by my neighbour. This car was the village transport for the youngsters to go to parties and the ski slopes. It had a tough life for 4 years after my neighbour, André had passed his driving test in it.


        Nice Tartan Door Panels

        Body work was not too bad under the cover. Rust under the Robri on all 4 wings and a few dents, plus the bumpers bent in.


          Sat there since 1972

          No carte gris though and the existing owner, his father, had died a few years ago.


            Registered but no Carte Gris

            I left it a few months and then bought the wheel nuts for him and waited until I bought my little car trailer which I used for my 2CV AZU – the Traction I had no idea about and it was a little larger than I was used to but I would help him out of course. 😕 I would bring it back to his farm after 42 years sitting in the next village. It has been in the area all its life being purchased by the owner of the local Slipper Factory (gone now for years). My neighbour’s father bought it in 1967 and was soon to pass it on to André and the rest of the young folk of the village – hard to think of these guys tearing it up in their youth, specially as many of them have died since we have lived here in Luscan, for the past 10 years.


              So with help from my wife and son we head down tot he barn with the van and trailer and start to drag the car out into the world again. All the wheels turned although were a little flat which made it a bit tougher.
              Being on a steep slope with minimum turning space was also a challenge, but we managed to get it up on the road.

              team work


                On the trailer (just) safe and sound and on the road for the 2.5 Km to our village (thank goodness)

                On the trailer

                When we returned to the village, my Son, who speaks perfect French, went to my neighbours to see where he wanted it put. He has a farm but is retired now so has plenty of old cow sheds etc. André came out to the road to see it and was so happy.

                He said that we could have it or if I could, take it to the scrapyard. I was a little shocked 😯

                I asked if I had understood and he said, yes, please take it, no money, it is yours.

                So I was now to be the proud owner of my first Traction so the work was to begin. 😀


                  Congratulations, sure looks like a worthy project! All Tractions, like kittens and puppies, deserve good homes!


                    @L.Lewis wrote:

                    Congratulations, sure looks like a worthy project! All Tractions, like kittens and puppies, deserve good homes!

                    Absolutely 😀

                    It’s amazing how many cars are still hidden away in barns and garages and have not seen the light of day for years.


                      It looks so cool good luck it will be great to see it up and running


                        Excellent a true “Barn Find”.
                        Enjoy the restoration part and then, enjoy all the attention that the car receives where ever you go.



                          I am just finishing the final week of work (Cycle tours) and am itching to get back to the Traction.

                          I had my arm twisted by the wife and went ahead with the purchase of the EZ Electric Power steering system. That will be delivered soon. (any experiences on this product or hints on install, then let me know)

                          I have also bitten the bullet and ordered a new front cradle and arms complete with silent blocs installed. When I broke mine down the cradle got a little damaged in the press, so all in all, I think it will be worth the money.

                          Waiting for my radiator to come back, it has only been 6 months now (I think they have lost it).

                          So lots of questions will be asked in the coming months, specially as it has been 6 months since I took the car apart – so grateful for digital cameras.

                          More photos soon.


                            There is an article in May/June 2014 edition of ‘Floating Power’ about fitting the power steering kit

                            Though I’m sure I have seen a longer article with pictures somewhere……


                              That is what gave me the idea. I have the installation manual.

                              Just looking for some warm and fuzzy feeling from people who have installed it and say it was well worth it… 😀


                                I am finally back at it – hence the questions over in Help Wanted. 🙂

                                I have been busy all summer with work (Cycle Touring company in the French Pyrenees) so has left the Traction in the garage looking like this.


                                So the first jobs were to remove the exhaust, steering rack and all the other bits and bobs in the engine bay. And then clean it ready to paint. My plan is to totally finish the engine bay and all running gear but leave the body work as is (for now) so I can enjoy driving it for a while. And then next year have the body done and resprayed. But quite fancy the “Barn Find” look for a while 😀

                                So this is a days work



                                  One treat to myself that I have already found very helpful is a scissor lift. Gets the car up to 1.2m which with a small roller stool is fantastic.

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