Is it still a project when I haven’t done anything yet

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      It’s a 1949 BL. do you think 3,800 quid was too much to pay? I’d load pictures directly here if my F@@@@@@ computer wasn’t such a pile of rubbish!

      C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentsMy Pictures2015_05_30


        Youv’e started thinking about it, so yes you’re in the planning stage.


          Hurry up with the pictures – no pictures means it does not exist 😆

          I think the saying that we have for the number of bikes you own is N+1 (where N is the number you have already) is the same for classic car owners. At present I am try to do a few -1’s so I have room in the garage to move.

          (got rid of one mini and the citroen Dyane, just a 4L to go 😉 )


            Pictures? Don’t you paste that link into the line up above and get to them? It works on my machine. I’ve got to figure this out better and that’s a fact. You know, I collect N scale model trains. I have more trains that I need but not as many as I want. Works out the same, don’t you think?


              If I could see those photos, I would be controlling your computer – that is a local folder on your PC.

              email them to me and I will stick them up for you if you like 🙂


                Thanks Ian, I will do that.


                  Here they are – Does not look like a project car to me, it looks in very good order. I have been working on a Belgium 1949 11BL recently, so little compared to the Normale 🙂

















                            Ian, thanks so much for that. The chassis number is 527294 and I get from Jon Presnell’s book is that it’s late 49. There are no horizontal trim or chevrons on the dashboard. The engine plate says AB 07800, 4M PVB 78, the block’s colour is a light blue which I think is odd. The grille chevrons are chrome as is the windscreen frame. You say the chevrons are rare? I didn’t know about that but they do have corrosion. The car needs the starter rebuilt and after that I’ll make a total assessment once I have a garage available. The previous owner said he was driving it until 2 years ago. The front wing turn indicators are the kind of lights that you see above the windscreen on trucks over here so they will be rubbished. The interior was done in the 80s as best I can tell. Olive green shag carpeting! Awful! Another thing is that all the interior and exterior handles aren’t plated or at least they don’t look to have ever been. Just gray metal, no pitting but still unusual that all would lose their chrome in the exact same way or is there something more to it? The bonnet handles plating is good, so are the bumpers but the door and boot handles look strange.








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